The Intelligence Platform 
for External Data Acquisition


Datarade GmbH
Address: Alexanderstr 1-5, 10178 Berlin, Germany
Contact: [email protected], +49 (0)30 23255623
Commercial register: Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg; HRB 199191 B

By 2020, all large enterprises will buy external data to augment internal data to stay competitive (IDC). 
We empower enterprises to get in control of external data across the organization.


Our Team

Thani Shamsi
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Richard Hoffmann
Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

Florian Rösler
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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We're backed by strong partners that share our passion for data and understanding of the importance of high-quality, external data for artificial intelligence applications. 

External Data Intelligence.




Our Investors

The Platform

We're passionate about data and artificial intelligence: In the future, successful companies will differentiate by leveraging not only their own data assets but also high-quality external data for their business.

Explore, search, and request data from more than 850+ data vendors worldwide.

Assess data vendors and their data products based on rich information and insights.

Monitor data cost, quality, and automatically track data privacy policy changes.

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