Enterprise software for external data acquisition

Find the best data vendors across the globe.

Datarade is the easiest way to discover, evaluate, and manage data vendors: Organisations across the world use Datarade to automate their external data sourcing.

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Your Benefits


See the whole picture

Tap into the fastest growing network of more than 1,100 data vendors across the globe. No more cumbersome market research.

Acquire data faster

Finding and evaluating data vendors takes a lot of time and effort: Our software automates the entire external data acquisition process.

Get in control

Manage all of your data subscriptions or contracts in one place to get an overview of spend, quality, privacy, and build vendor relationships.

The Platform


Find data vendors in a breeze.

Search for external data from more than 1,100 data vendors listed on our platform. To make things easy, you can filter by country and data type.


Get unique data vendor insights.

Every data vendor has a profile on Datarade. This enables you to quickly understand their data offering, scale, pricing, and privacy practices.

Match with relevant data vendors.

When you create a data request, our software automatically matches it with relevant data vendors in our network, saving you valuable time.


Automate the evaluation process.

Use our unique data acquisition software to streamline your data sourcing process and automate the hard bits.

Manage your data subscriptions.

Get in control of the whole data vendor management lifecycle: Manage your relationships and monitor data cost, quality, and privacy.


Why work with us

Process Automation

We're developing a unique software system that empowers companies to automate their external data acquisition process.

Vendor Network

With more than 1,100 data vendors listed on our platform, we're have the fastest growing network of companies offering data across the globe.

Market Insights

We're constantly collecting public information about data vendors, marketplaces, and aggregators, providing unique market insights.

Managed Services

Make use of our in-house data sourcing experts that manage the external data acquisition process according to your requirements.

Global Expertise

We've helped companies to source external data all across the world, having built the experience that shapes our software and services.


We don't buy or sell data. This enables us stay independent as a software system provider, being 100% aligned with our client's objectives.

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